“CasshmeOusside” Girl and Soulja Boy Beef?

People were in complete shock over the sudden beef between them, Wondering when the beef even started or what the beef even stems from. A Lot of people believe that this is a fake twitter beef, and only started to keep their names in the news to keep themselves in the tabloids. Whatever started the beef weather fake or not, I’d like to see where this goes.

CashmeOusside Girl Soulja Boy Beef
CasshmeOusside Girl Soulja Boy Beef

Well it seems that twitter beefing just get more and more entertaining. Im sure we all heard about the big beef turned alleged boxing match between hip-Hop Artist Chris Brown and Atlanta’s own Soulja Boy.Well I’m pretty sure as with all of you, including myself we all know by now that the big boxing match that was allegedly set up between Breezy and Soulja Boy is a no-go.  Don’t be too upset though.

It seems that not even a month after his big beef with Chris Brown, it looks like Soulja Boy now has acquired someone new to twitter beef with. Apparently the first shot was fired by Danielle” CasshmeOusside” Bregoli, tweeting “F#$k You” to Soulja Boy. With Soulja Boy Tweeting back “F#&c you too little ugly B!#$h”. In which Danielle fired back saying “ I made more money this week than you did in the last year”.

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