Cardi B Fight – Love And Hip Hop Reunion

Cardi B’s Love and Hip Hop reunion fight didn’t happen in part 1 but we may see her fight in part 2.  In the previews for part 2 of the reunion, we see Cardi B and her sister, Hennessy Carolina trying to get passed a security guard to fight an audience member.  Cardi B was unable to fight Swift’s ex-girlfriend, Asia, so she’s willing to fight anyone.

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Hennessy also proves that she’s about that life.  She’s one of the only cast members that was able to run passed security to punch someone.  The reality stars reminded the world that they’re from the dangerous streets of New York City.  When you have beef with Cardi it’ foreva!

Cardi B Fight Love And Hip Hop Reunion
Cardi B Fight Love And Hip Hop Reunion

The tweet below explains that Asia didn’t deserve to be insulted by Cardi B.  There’s nothing worse than bullying and that’s exactly what Cardi did to Asia.  Swift messed up by allowing Cardi to use his phone.

The following tweet describes how fast Hennessy ran from one couch to the other.  She loves her sister!

The tweet below explains that this is Cardi B’s last season of Love and Hip Hop.  She went out with a bang.  She can now focus on her music career.

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