Cardi B And Asia – Swift’s LHHNY Love Triangle

Cardi B and Asia’s beef over Swift has Love and Hip Hop New York fans divided.  Some believe that Cardi bullied Asia.  Swift was in a long-distance relationship and Cardi ruined it.  Then, Cardi got upset with Asia over text messages Asia wrote to Swift.  Cardi and Swift had a business relationship. Cardi should have never seen the messages.

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Then there are Cardi B’s fans.  No matter what she does, her following stands up for her.  Cardi B’s tribe argues that Asia was wrong for stereotyping Cardi B as a stripper.  The problem is Cardi B is a former stripper.  She has confidence issues considering the way she acted out at the reunion.

Cardi B And Asia Swift
Cardi B And Asia Swift

The loudest person in the room is the weakest and Cardi was exactly that during the first part of the reunion.

The tweet above shows Cardi trying to save face because she knows she messed up.  Love and Hip Hop is always thirsty for a new storyline but the “beef” between Cardi and Asia was just sad.  Cardi tried to be the spokesperson for strippers around the world, and failed.

I’m glad Cardi B will no longer appear on the reality series.  She most likely secured her sister, Hennessy Carolina, a permanent spot on the show before she left.

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