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Cam’ron Gun Charge, IG Live

Cam’ron’s gun charges are discussed on IG Live.  On Monday, July 29, 2002, Cam’ron was arrested on gun charges.  He was driving a Range Rover in Manhattan, New York when he was pulled over for a traffic violation.  The police officer saw marijuana in the vehicle and then searched the car.  The officer found a gun in the rapper’s vehicle and Cam’ron was arrested.

Cam’ron was charged for having the .22-caliber pistol, an illegal parking pass and possession of marijuana.  The rapper, whose real name is Cameron Giles, discussed the charges in response to Jim Jones’ interview with Funkmaster Flex.  Jones claims that Cam’ron robbed him but Cam sets the record straight.

Cam'ron Gun Charge IG Live
Cam’ron Gun Charge IG Live
Cam’ron also mentions Carlos Zoo Thompson, one of the Dipset’s former hitmen.  He went to prison for his involvement in a murder.  A 15-year-old boy was killed for selling bootleg Dipset CDs.

Tricky Ricky Shirts

In the third video below, Cam’ron reveals why him and Jim Jones started beefing.  Jim met Chrissy Lampkin and fell in love.  At the time, Cam and Jim had numerous women so Cam made fun of Jim for tricking.  Cam’ron made shirts with “Tricky Ricky” on the front of it to make fun of Jim.  Cam passed the shirts out to multiple members of his crew and Jim wasn’t happy.  Cam says that’s when him and Jim’s relationship was ruined.

Cam’ron’s IG Live discussion:

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