Bridget Shie – Atlanta Backpage Escort Murdered

Bridget Shie was shot seven times in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was an alleged Backpage escort and was only 19-years-old when someone murdered her in an Atlanta park.  She was found naked with dogs circling her dead body.  Investigators described her wounds as “overkill.” The person that shot her stood over her body and kept firing.

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Check out the video at the end of this article for additional details regarding this incident.  The person that killed Bridget used ammo called Radically Invasive Projectile aka R.I.P. bullets.  The bullets enter soft targets, closed, and then explode into sharp fingers.  Shie was naked and the person that killed her used bullets that are typically used to send a message.

Bridget Shie Atlanta Backpage Escort Murdered
Bridget Shie Atlanta Backpage Escort Murdered

Bridget grew up in Washington, D.C. and was raised by her grandparents.  Her grandmother describes her as dramatic.  Shie’s father was not in her life and she rarely saw her mother.  She was teased when she was younger and she had low self-esteem.  Her first year of high school was a success but then Bridget’s life went downhill.

Briget’s grandmother explains that Bridget began hanging out with the wrong in D.C. so she was happy when she decided to move to Atlanta with her mother.  Shie became a model when she got to Atlanta.  Her grandmother was happy that she was getting over her confidence issues.

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