Blocked From Liking On Instagram

Did Instagram temporarily block you from liking? If you like too many images with a new account Instagram will disable your account.  The image sharing app will also block you if you make too many comments with a new account.  Patience is the key to success on Instagram.  If you don’t want your account banned, slow down.

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The app recently added carousel-style image sharing.  Instagram now lets users upload up to 10 images and videos in one post.  That doesn’t mean you can like more photos with a new account.  The app is adding new features fast.  Follow the Community Guidelines to continue to enjoy Instagram.

Blocked From Liking On Instagram
Blocked From Liking On Instagram

How To Get Unblocked From Instagram

If you believe Instagram has banned you by mistake you can appeal the decision.  Open the app, login and follow the instructions to appeal the decision.  Once you’re unblocked, be more careful.  I you get blocked again you’ll most likely lose your account.  I know multiple users who were banned with over 100K followers.

Instagram Blocked Me From Commenting

Instagram generally bans entire accounts for comment spamming but sometimes the company disables specific features.  If you have been blocked from commenting don’t panic.  If you haven’t done anything serious the ban will last for 24 hours.