Bill Paxton Funeral

Bill Paxton Funeral
Bill Paxton Funeral
Bill Paxton’s funeral will be held this week.

Bill Paxton, who is famous for his roles in the ’80s and ’90s films has died at age 61. Fans of Paxton know of him through several huge movies including Titanic, Mighty Joe Young, Apollo 13, Twister and Aliens.

His death was unexpected overnight despite complications that followed after heart surgery. Many in Hollywood were stunned by his death. Some stars made posts on social media sharing their feelings toward the actor and gave their condolences.

Danny Glover who starred alongside Paxton tweeted “he will be missed”.

I still have fond memories of our time filming Predator 2. He will be missed! – @MrDannyGlover – February 27, 2017

Tom Hanks also paid tribute to the star on Twitter stating:

” Bill Paxton was, simply, a wonderful man. A wonderful man…Hanx” – @TomHanks – February 26, 2017

Watch Conan share a personal story about Bill Paxton, widely described as one of the nicest people in show business:

Conan Remembers Bill Paxton

Paxton was starring in a CBS series called “The Training Day, which he was working on up until his death. CBS broadcasted a joint statement with Warner Bros Television honoring the actor. “We are shocked and deeply saddened this morning by the news of Bill Paxton’s passing,” they wrote.

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According to CBS and Warner Bros, Paxton was a gifted and popular actor with so many memorable roles on film and television. “His colleagues will remember a guy who lit up every room with infectious charm, energy, and warmth”, they said.

Bill Paxton has contributed so much to the big screen and has made his mark in Hollywood. He will surely be remembered and missed.