Are Meek Mill And Trey Songz Teaming Up To Make A Diss Track About Nicki Minaj?

What in the world is Trey Songz doing? It hasn’t even been a week since Remy Ma dropped her diss track about Nicki Minaj where she makes claims about Minaj sleeping with Trigga Trey and Meek Mill saying that her butt implants popped, yet, the two are hanging out together. Could it be that they’re collaborating on a track against Nicki?

Nicki Minaj Trey Songz

In the very messy photo Trey and Meek are seen chilling in the studio while Mills is wearing a smirk on his face. Meek posted the photo to his Instagram with the caption “Best of both worlds basically. @Treysongz a lot of money made last night”

Now this pettiness is expected of Meek but it is surprising coming from Trey. Mainly because when shETHER dropped Trey and Nicki got into an exchange on Twitter where he made it known that’s he’s never slept with the female MC and even made a video denying the claims. Now if Trey was truly trying to remain out of things like he claims he is, he would be seen nowhere near Meek Mill.

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Nicki Minaj’s fans are already on his case about the weird move by commenting the corn emoji’s on Meek’s profile and calling Trey out on his profile. With comments like “She gave u you the biggest hit in your career and now u hang out with meek ! Shameeee on u trey I used to love you but not anymore” and “You really black balling yourself huh,” Trey will clearly see that he’s coming off as shady.

Trey Songz has been in the headlines a few times in the past few weeks between the drama with Keke Palmer and a rumored sex tape. It makes some people think maybe he’s doing it on purpose. He has a new album coming out in March and a VH1 parody dating show called “Tremaine the Playboy” so maybe he’s making these moves for publicity. If that’s the case he should stop because he already got everyone’s attention late last year when he brought back his famous cornrows. Now it seems like he’s about to lose the fans that were already supporting him by seemingly siding with Meek Mill. 

Maybe he isn’t making a diss track but just collaborating on a song once more like they did in the past, but they couldn’t pick a worst time. What do you think the singer is up to?