Antwan Jones – Chicago, Murderer Takiya Holmes

Antwan C. Jones is the 19-year-old who shot and killed 11-year-old, Takiya Holmes on Saturday, February 11, 2017.  Jones shot Takiya on Saturday but she died on Tuesday.  The incident occurred in Chicago.  Antwan was aiming at rival gang members for selling drugs on his gang’s turf.  Antwan is a member of the Black Disciples.

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The Black Disciples were founded in 1976 in Chicago.  The gang was founded by David Barksdale and is known for selling drugs, gun trafficking and murder.  Antwan used a semi-automatic gun with an extended clip to shoot at the members of the other gang.  Takiya was in her family’s vehicle when she was hit by a stray bullet.

Antwan Jones Chicago Murderer Takiya Holmes
Antwan Jones Chicago Murderer Takiya Holmes

Antwan turned himself in.  He most likely couldn’t live with the guilt he felt after finding out Holmes passed away.  Jones has been arrested numerous times.  Surveillance shows Antwan at the scene of the crime.  He most likely knew the cameras were on the street yet he still believed he needed to protect his turf.

The tweet below explains that Takiya was another innocent life lost in Chicago.

After the shooting, Takiya was rushed to the hospital where she fell into a coma.  The 11-year-old passed away on Tuesday morning.  Chicago needs help.  The city is uncontrollable.  Multiple murders are reported each day.