Amrezy Snapchat Name

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Amra Olevis aka Amrezy is the makeup artist who runs Glamrezy.  The Brooklyn, NY native has over 5 million Instagram followers.  Last month, her and Shayla Mitchell aka MakeupShayla started beefing on social media.  It all started when MakeupShayla sent shade Amrezy’s way.  Although MakeupShayla didn’t say Amrezy’s name, it was obvious who she was talking about.

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It didn’t take Amrezy a long time to clap back.  First, Amrezy called MakeupShayla out on Twitter.  She explained that she left fake friends back in 2016.  If you left them back in 2016 then why are you still talking about them? Then MakeupShayla crossed the line with a tweet that implied Amrezy was irrelevant.

Amrezy’s Snapchat name is Amrezy:

Amrezy Snapchat Name
Amrezy Snapchat Name

Did we mention that Amrezy and MakeupShayla are former best friends? They are no longer friends because of Jeffree Star.  Last year, Jeffree threatened to beat Shayla up.  Star claims that Shayla called out Mariale, another beauty mogul.  Star, Mariale and Shayla were at an event and Jeffree claims that Shayla threw shade Mariale’s way.

Shayla claims that Amrezy didn’t have her back.  As mentioned above, Amrezy is from Brooklyn, NY.  The Brooklyn came out of the social media star in response to Shayla’s subliminal tweets.  Amrezy advised Shayla to say it to her face and called her out for being fake.