Amina Buddafly – Kids, Net Worth 2017

Amina Buddafly has two kids.  Peter Gunz is the father of both her beautiful baby girls.  Their oldest daughter, Cori Gunz, was born in July 2014 and is currently 2-years-old.  Last year, the world was shocked to find out that Amina was pregnant.  She gave birth to her and Peter’s second daughter, Bronx Gunz in August 2016.

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Amina left Peter and moved to LA so he has shifted his focus to Tara Wallace.  In the sneak peak for Love and Hip Hop New York season 7, episode 13, “Cancun, Pt. 2” we see Amina, Cori and Bronx visit Peter in New York.  Amina explains that leaving Peter was the right decision but she misses him.  She tells Peter that she is willing to come back to New York.

Peter then tells Amina that he wants a divorce.  Amina is willing to sign his divorce papers but tells him he’ll regret it.  Check out the scene in the video at the end of this post.

Amina Buddafly Kids Net Worth 2017
Amina Buddafly Kids Net Worth 2017

Amina Buddafly Net Worth 2017

Amina is currently worth $400,000.  She recently released her new book, The Other Woman.  Cam’ron’s girlfriend, Juju, also released a book recently.  Yandy accuses Juju of using her life to write the book.  There’s confusion regarding whether Juju actually used Yandy as a character in the book.

Kimbella read Juju’s book and claims that Yandy is overreacting.  There won’t be any confusion regarding the characters in Amina’s book.  Peter Gunz won’t have to ask if he’s the cheating husband featured in The Other Woman.  The reality star uses her birth name for the book, Amina Pankey.

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