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Yo Gotti Daughter – Dearra, Kids

Yo Gotti posted a picture of his beautiful daughter on Instagram.  The Memphis rapper has three children.  They’re six, eleven and twelve.  He has a son and two daughters.  He named one of his daughters Monica and he named the other Dearra.  Last year, the rapper, whose real name is Mario Mims announced a partnership between his Collective Music Group imprint and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation entertainment company.

Yo Gotti is friends with Jay-Z’s former hustling partner, Emory Jones who currently works for Roc Nation.  Emory was recently released from prison after completing a 14-year sentence.  Emory and Jay-Z complimented Yo Gotti’s hustle.  The three businessmen are from the streets and real recognizes real.

Yo Gotti Daughter Dearra Kids
Yo Gotti Daughter Dearra Kids

The following video shows an interview with Emory Jones:

Yo Gotti was excited to collaborate with Roc Nation.  He knows how important it is to surround yourself with greatness.  In 2013, he signed a distribution deal with L.A. Reid’s Epic Records.  With partners like Jay-Z and L.A. Reid, Yo Gotti can’t lose.

Yo Gotti works hard and is still able to find time to spend with his family.  The rapper recently released the following video for his song, “81.” His 2016 album, The Art of Hustle was a classic and we can’t wait to hear his next album!


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