What Is The Red Heart On Facebook? – Wall, Status

What is the red heart on people’s Facebook walls and status messages? Facebook users are posting the heart to spread awareness about breast cancer.  Similar to the fruit game on Snapchat, not everyone received the key to the game.  It’s great to see love being spread on a dominant platform like Facebook.

Facebook is here to stay.  Every year, we consider the theory that Facebook is dead.  Innovative social media networks, like Snapchat, are introduced but then Facebook typically buys them before they’re able to grow.  We’ve seen it with WhatsApp and Instagram.  While Snapchat is cool, the app has no chance against Facebook.

What Is The Red Heart On Facebook Wall Status?
What Is The Red Heart On Facebook Wall Status?

Snapchat is an image sharing platform while Facebook is a true social media network.  Facebook has capabilities that Snapchat will never have.  To make the situation worse, Facebook copies every innovative tactic that Snapchat introduces.  To make it less obvious, Facebook uses the tactic on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and/or Instagram.

Facebook content does not disappear.  As a result, the network is valued by businesses around the world.  Snapchat would benefit from being acquired by Facebook.  If Snapchat continues to grow, Facebook will make it more difficult for the app to increase its market share.  At the end of the day, there’s only one Mark Zuckerberg.

By Jason John

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