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Toni Romiti is a 21-year-old Chicago singer best known for her 2013 hit, “Nothin On Me.” The song currently has 29 million views on YouTube.  Last year, Romiti released another hit.  Her song, “Imma Dog Too” has over 11 million YouTube views.  Both tracks are perfect for getting over a breakup.  If you do Toni wrong you might end up in her next song!

Like Adele and Beyonce, Toni knows how to turn life’s lemons into lemonade.  Adele’s record-breaking album 21 was inspired by a breakup.  Beyonce’s award-winning album, Lemonade was inspired by relationship issues she experienced with her husband, Jay-Z.  Relationship problems never end and Toni has helped her fans overcome their hard times.

Toni Romiti’s Snapchat name is Romiti21:

Toni Romiti Snapchat Name
Toni Romiti Snapchat Name
Toni was born on March 24, 1995 and is currently 21-years-old.  She grew up in Chicago but eventually moved to Greenville, South Carolina.  In the last few years she has built a major following known as the Romiti Gang.  Toni was a very talented high school basketball player.  In 2013 she played college basketball for South Carolina Upstate.

The above tweet explains that Romiti’s music speaks to her fans.  A breakup can be the lowest point of a person’s life.  There’s nothing like quality music to help you get through a bad breakup. 

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