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The Creep Squad – Members

The Creep Squad members include Peter Gunz, Rich Dollaz, DJ Self and Cisco Rosado.  In Love and Hip Hop New York season 7, episode 7, “Secret’s Out” DJ Self tries to kick Cisco out the Creep Squad.  Peter Gunz makes an appearance in episode 8 of season 7, “Firing Squad.”  Although Peter Gunz is a one-hit-wonder, he is the leader of the Creep Squad.

Peter meets with Rich Dollaz and DJ Self to discuss Cisco.  DJ Self tells Peter that he’s trying to sign Mariahlynn.  Rich tells DJ Self that Cisco went behind DJ Self’s back to try to sign Mariahlynn.  DJ Self reveals that he took it upon himself to kick Cisco out the Creep Squad.  Rich Dollaz starts laughing but explains that Cisco cannot be trusted.

Creep Squad Members
Creep Squad Members

Peter Gunz reveals that he also has beef with Cisco.  Peter got booked to do a show in New Orleans for $10,000.  When Peter gets to New Orleans the promoter tells him that he’s friends with Cisco.  the promoter then reveals that Cisco told him not to do business with Peter.  Peter says that Cisco essentially took food out his kid’s mouths.

Peter has nine, soon-to-be 10 kids.  Children are expensive therefore Peter needs all the money he can get.  Rich just wants to kick Cisco out the Creep Squad, but Peter wants to have an official meeting.

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