Tanisha Covington – #BLMKidnapping Chicago Facebook Live, Donald Trump Supporter

Tanisha Covington is one of the four suspects involved in the #BLMKidnapping.  Tanisha is the sister of Brittany Herring.  The girls kidnapped a mentally handicapped man because he supported Donald Trump.  Brittany’s boyfriend, Jaenone Eblock, is one of the additional suspects involved.  Brittany posted a gruesome video on Facebook Live, showing the group torture the Donald Trump supporter.

Twitter’s reaction to the incident has been eventful, to say the very least.  Many want the teens behind bars for life while some don’t think they should be sent to jail.  There’s a major debate regarding whether the attack will be prosecuted as a hate crime.  Hate crimes impose tougher punishments on perpetrators who target their victims because of their race, disability or other prejudice.

Tanisha Covington #BLMKidnapping
Tanisha Covington #BLMKidnapping

Here, the victim is a mentally handicapped, white male who supports Donald Trump.  The teens are heard on the video making racial slurs therefore the case will most likely be prosecuted as a hate crime.

In addition, if the man were not mentally handicapped, they most likely would not have targeted him.

The tweet below claims that if the victim were black, the incident would have instantly been deemed a hate crime.

Members of the Black Lives Matter movement are desperately trying to clear their name:

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By Jason John

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