Tally, Rap Game – Sister Jasmine Sagginario

Jasmine Sagginario is Tally from The Rap Game‘s sister and manager.  At the end of the third episode of season 3, “We Have A Dream” Jasmine calls Ekko out for writing his nephew, Nova’s lyrics.  The contestants were advised to write lyrics about their dreams and Tally wrote her lyrics by herself.  Jermaine Dupri is presenting the Hit List when Jasmine interrupts.

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Dupri is down to the final two spots on the list and it’s between Tally and Nova.  Jasmine tells Jermaine that Tally should win because Tally’s lyrics are about her own personal dream.  Jasmine is taking a shot at Nova’s uncle, Ekko.  In the last episode of the series, Flau’jae’s mother, Kia Jones, pointed out Nova’s unfair advantage.

Tally Rap Game Sister Jasmine Sagginario
Tally Rap Game Sister Jasmine Sagginario

Kia explained that Ekko has been a rapper for a long time and he doesn’t let Nova write his own lyrics.  Jasmine cosigns Kia by calling out Nova.  Jermaine Dupri tells the contestants to use their resources.  He doesn’t care about Ekko writing Nova’s raps.

Jasmine was born on September 1, 1994 and is currently 22-years-old.  Her sister, Talia aka Tally, was born on May 22, 1999 and is 17.

In 2009, Jasmine won Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing contest.  Her and Tally have a YouTube channel where they’re constantly showing off their talent.

Check out Jasmine’s video for “Knock Knock”: