Stevie J Assistant – Renaye Diaz, Siya’s Girlfriend Sisterhood Of Hip Hop

Stevie J’s assistant, Renaye Diaz, makes her first appearance in episode 3 of Leave It To Stevie.  If Renaye looks familiar, it’s because she was Siya’s girlfriend on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop.  Last year, there were rumors about Renaye dating Stevie’s baby mama, Mimi Faust.  Pictures of Mimi and Renaye were seen on social media and Mimi referred to Renaye as her baby.

Annrenaye Diaz was born on March 2, 1993 in Guam.  She’s a lesbian model.  On Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Diaz made it difficult for Siya to pursue her career as a rapper.  Renaye reminds me of J. Adrienne on Love and Hip Hop New York.  When J. Adrienne’s girlfriend, Snoop, has to handle business, J. Adrienne flips out.

Stevie J Assistant Renaye Diaz Siya's Girlfriend Sisterhood Of Hip Hop
Stevie J Assistant Renaye Diaz Siya’s Girlfriend Sisterhood Of Hip Hop

Renaye would get upset with Siya each time Siya had to handle business.  Stevie J has never made great decisions when it comes to the company he keeps.  Joseline Hernandez nearly ruined his life and career.

Renaye proved that she didn’t understand the music industry on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop.  She got upset when Siya had to attend networking events.  Faith needs to tell Stevie to fire Renaye.
In 2014, Diaz moved from Guam to California.  After graduating high school, she started working on her career as a model.


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