Soulja Boy Teeth – Hacked, LevelUpHipHop Tumblr

Soulja Boy’s teeth are a hot mess! The rapper was recently hacked and LevelUpHipHop on Tumblr leaked numerous pictures of him.  Now we see exactly why the rapper wears a grill.  He apologized to his mother after she got sick but we don’t think she forgave him.  She keeps telling him to brush his teeth but he refuses to listen.

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I don’t think the fight between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown will actually happen.  Soulja Boy is using all the attention to release new music.  Scroll down to hear his new song, “Stop Playing With Me.” He advises 50 Cent to drink some Vitamin Water and he threatens to knock out Quavo and Chris Brown’s teeth.

Soulja Boy Teeth Hacked LevelUpHipHop Tumblr
Soulja Boy Teeth Hacked LevelUpHipHop Tumblr

Quavo hasn’t responded to any of Soulja’s shots but he did mention “Draco” in “Bad and Boujee.”

Quavo responding is exactly what Soulja Boy needs right now.

Soulja Boy learned this strategy from 50 Cent.  Power is a great television show but 50’s marketing is what took the series to the next level.  50 witnessed Empire‘s buzz and decided to manufacture a battle between the two televisions shows.

Soulja Boy is witnessing Migos’ success so he’s trying to force Quavo to beef with him.  Soulja Boy has become a marketing genius.  LISTERINE should sign Soulja Boy!