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Soulja Boy Mom Died? – Lisa Way, Apology

Soulja Boy’s mom, Lisa Way, is not dead.  She is currently in the hospital.  The rapper, whose real name is DeAndre Way, posted an apology to Chris Brown and Lil Yachty.  In the video Soulja Boy explains that the person who starts the beef doesn’t matter, it’s about the person who ends the beef.  He further discusses his erratic behavior over the past few months.

Soulja Boy says that his mother’s doctor informed him that she should be okay.  He says that his mother comes before his money and fame.  The rapper then reveals that he has his mother’s name tattooed on his face.  Fans thought the Soulja Boy v. Chris Brown beef was over but then 50 Cent posted a video, persuading Soulja Boy to fight Chris Brown.

Soulja Boy Mom Died? Lisa Way
Soulja Boy Mom Died? Lisa Way

The rapper’s mother would call him “her soldier” when he was younger, influencing his stage name.  In the video below, Lisa discusses her son’s early influences:

Check out Twitter’s reaction to Soulja Boy’s apology:

Some fans believe that Soulja Boy’s confident now that Floyd Mayweather’s training him:

The tweet below is exactly right.  Soulja Boy should be at the hospital with his mom and people should leave her out of it.

If 50 Cent wouldn’t have posted the video he posted, the Soulja Boy v. Chris Brown beef would be over.  

The following video shows Soulja Boy’s emotional apology:

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown were named the Donkeys of the Day on The Breakfast Club:

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