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Soulja Boy – Fruit Town Piru Blood Gang, Brims

Soulja Boy recently mentioned the Fruit Town Piru Blood gang on social media.  The Fruit Town Brims are a Los Angeles street gang that originated from the Fruit Town Pirus.  Soulja Boy claims that he’s a member of the gang.  In 2014, a member of the Bloods told Chris Brown that he could use the gang’s hand gestures.

Street gangs are one of the nation’s most serious problems yet Chris Brown and Soulja Boy don’t mind being affiliated with one of the most notorious street gangs of all-time.  Soulja Boy is expecting a son while Chris Brown has a beautiful daughter, Royalty.  If the two entertainers plan to be around to raise their children, they should stop promoting gang violence.

Soulja Boy Fruit Town Piru Blood Gang Brims
Soulja Boy Fruit Town Piru Blood Gang Brims

Los Angeles is the gang capital of the United States with nearly 500 gangs and more than 40,000 members.

“It’s only entertainment” rapper Jay-Z proclaims.  Unlike Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, Jay-Z never associated himself with criminal gangs.  It may only be entertainment for entertainers but there are kids that look up to famous recording artists.  These kids imitate what Chris Brown and Soulja boy do and say.
As role models, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy must consider the consequences of their actions.  Earlier today, Soulja Boy proved how dangerous life can be for a member of a criminal street gang.  He attempted to post an Instagram live video in Compton and his phone got snatched.  If he wasn’t famous, they would have beat him up.
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By Jason John

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