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Somaya Reece – First Family Of Hip Hop, LHH

Somaya Reece is Shanell “Lady Luck” Jones’ girlfriend on First Family of Hip Hop.  If you watched episode 1 of the series, “The Empire Strikes Back” then you’re already a fan of Somaya and Lady Luck’s bond, #RelationshipGoals! Somaya is off the hook and Lady Luck is calm, cool and collected.  Lady Luck gives Somaya a Rolex watch for her birthday.

Lady Luck is one of the most talented artist on First Family of Hip Hop.  Her great aunt is Sylvia Robinson, the founder of Sugarhill Records.  If Somaya looks familiar it’s because she appeared on Love and Hip Hop New York.  Reece’s parents are from El Salvador and she grew up in Los Angeles.

Somaya Reece First Family Of Hip Hop LHH
Somaya Reece First Family Of Hip Hop LHH

Lady Luck and Somaya met on Instagram.  Lady Luck isn’t the only entertainer in the relationship.  Reece has landed comedic roles in numerous commercials.  She has also had speaking roles in multiple films.

In 2010, Somaya released her debut single “Tramp”:

In the following video, Lady Luck discussed her rap battle with Remy Ma:
Check out the legendary battle between Remy Ma and Lady Luck below:
Watching the battle makes me miss old school hip hop.  The game has changed.  Some of the best lyricist of all time are now on reality television shows.
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