Snapchat New Look – 2017 Update

Snapchat’s new look has arrived thanks to the app’s 2017 update.  The company added a universal search feature, enabling users to find what they desire without having to leave the app.  You can find friends, groups and even publishers.  This is one of the first updates Instagram won’t be able to copy because the Facebook owned app already has a search bar.

Snapchat is changing.  The company is taking steps to ensure they won’t have to deal with the fake news issues that Facebook and Twitter are experiencing.  Snapchat updated its guidelines.  Discover publishers are not allowed to publish content that doesn’t offer editorial value.  In other words, no fake news.

Snapchat New Look 2017 Update
Snapchat New Look 2017 Update

Snapchat started as a sexting app and it’s now going commercial.  There’s no way the app will be able to go public while allowing users to publish any content they wish.  No one wants to invest in a social network vulnerable to lawsuits.

We can all kiss the privacy we once enjoyed on Snapchat goodbye.  Facebook will most likely attempt to buy Snapchat again and this time Snapchat should accept Mark Zuckerberg’s offer.  Facebook is worth 20 times as much as Snapchat.  Snapchat is currently worth about $20 billion while Facebook is worth over $350 billion.  

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Empire Boo Boo Kitty Snapchat
Empire Boo Boo Kitty Snapchat

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