Shamea Morton Ex Husband

Shamea Morton does not have an ex-husband because she has never been married.  That’s why she isn’t a member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s main cast.  In season 5 of the series she made a guest appearance and on season 8 she was a listed as a “Friend” aka a member of the show’s supporting cast.

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Shamea is currently engaged to a Kenyan man named Gerald.  In episode 8 of season 9, “Bosom Buddies” Phaedra starts a rumor about Shamea sleeping with Kandi.  Phaedra actually didn’t start the rumor but she did mention it.  We have known about Kandi’s sex life for more than two years.

Shamea Morton Ex Husband
Shamea Morton Ex Husband

Shamea and Porsha grew up together and Shamea is disappointed about how Porsha reacted to Phaedra’s claim.  In the following Instagram post, Shamea calls Porsha out for failing to have her back:

When someone you consider a best friend will cosign a lie about you …it gives you a new definition of friendship! #hurt #girlcode A photo posted by Shamea Morton (@shameamorton) on Jan 1, 2017 at 6:56pm PST

The following tweet explains that Porsha is Shamea’s best friend.  If I heard someone spreading rumors about one of my good friends I would have to call the person out.

What do you think? Did Porsha violate girl code by failing to call Phaedra out? Share Your thoughts in the comment section below!
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