Send Me Your Name And Check Your Snapchat DM

The “Send Me Your Name And Check Your Snapchat” DM is going viral.  Snapchat users who ask their followers to send their names, want to know who is looking at their Snapchat Stories.  Similar to past Snapchat trends, the game is going viral because it is annoying.  Snapchat users love annoying each other.

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Most Snapchat users are under 25-years-old and about a quarter of them are still in high school.  Teens are seeing older people begin to use the app and are doing anything they can to keep them away.  Adults simply don’t understand the app and Snapchat will become Facebook if users don’t protect it.

Send Me Your Name And Check Your Snapchat DM
Send Me Your Name And Check Your Snapchat DM

A father in Tennessee recently proved how much adults don’t understand Snapchat.  He choked his teenage daughter after finding out that she posted nude images on the app.

Users posted their frustration about the message on Twitter:

While fake news plagues Facebook, annoying messages are becoming a major concern on Snapchat.

Social media networks are problem-free for the first few years but then trolls figure them out and users start to complain.  Snapchat will have to do something to protect its users from interruptions like this.

The tweet below reveals on choice Snapchat users have to reduce the annoying messages they receive: Block and delete the annoying Snapchat users ruining your experience on the app.

The video below shows DJ Khaled judging America’s Next Top Model contestant’s Snapchat skills: