Riff Raff Vs 50 Cent – Will 50 Respond?

Will 50 Cent respond to Riff Raff? Will there be a Riff Raff vs 50 Cent boxing match? It’s not looking like it.  Jody Highroller aka Riff Raff challenged 50 Cent to a $2 million heavyweight bout.  Scroll to the Instagram video to see Riff Raff call 50 out.  50 has been busy promoting the Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy boxing match but Curtis Jackson better start training!

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Riff Raff is looking for some attention but 50 can’t knock his hustle.  50 Cent built his career by calling other rappers out.  In the video, Riff Raff reveals that he weighs 215 pounds.  50 weighs about 210 pounds.

Riff Raff Vs 50 Cent Will 50 Respond?
Riff Raff Vs 50 Cent Will 50 Respond?

The video below shows Riff Raff challenge 50 Cent to a boxing match:

50 Cent loves publicity and more importantly he loves money.  Riff Raff turns 35-years-old at the end of this month while 50 is 41.  In 2013, 50 Cent released Formula 50, a workout plan that reveals how the rapper maintains his ripped body.

The music industry isn’t what it used to be.  50 has lost millions in lawsuits and he’s now worth less than $20 million.  Riff Raff is worth about $3 million.  The rappers need to follow Floyd’s lead.  Mayweather is worth $340 million.