Rickey Smiley Son Malik – Kids Mother, Ex Wife

Rickey Smiley’s son, Malik, is getting dragged on social media.  In episode 10 of Rickey Smiley For Real, the 15-year-old revealed that he thinks black women are unattractive.  I have been a Rickey Smiley fan for a very long time and I’m very disappointed.  The comedian was one of the realest entertainers in the industry but he’s now chasing that check.

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Malik explains that he’s prefers women who are white or Mexican.  Rickey tried to blame his son’s comments on the show’s producer.  Smiley forgot that the name of his television series is Rickey Smiley For Real.  Many reality shows feature reenacted scenes but producers shouldn’t tell reality stars what to say.

Rickey Smiley Son Malik Kids Mother Ex Wife
Rickey Smiley Son Malik Kids Mother Ex Wife

If Rickey’s telling the truth and the producer did advise Malik to make the comments, Malik should have refused.  More importantly, Rickey should have been there to approve the content being filmed for his series.

Rickey Smiley was most likely there when his son made the comments.  The producer didn’t tell Malik to say that he’s not attracted to black women.  It is how Malik feels but he should not have shared that information on his father’s reality series.

Rickey Smiley is a professional comedian who fully understands the benefits of shocking people.  He built his career on comedy that many people find inappropriate.  One of his favorite subjects to discuss is little people.  After hearing Malik’s comments, Rickey could have deleted the scene but he chose to keep it.

Rickey was hoping Malik’s comments would shock views and keep them coming back for more.  #Fail.  I will never watch Rickey Smiley For Real again.

Kids Mother, Ex Wife

After hearing Malik’s comments, I wanted to find a picture of his black mother, Rickey’s ex-wife.  Smiley has two biological sons and two adopted daughters.  He’s a very private person and doesn’t hasn’t revealed the identity of his ex wife or baby mama.  Last year, there were rumors about the comedian dating Claudia Jordan.  He fired her so they most likely broke up.