New Edition – Fight On Stage, 1985

In 1985, New Edition voted Bobby Brown out the group.  The video at the end of this post, shows the group’s 1985 fight which led to Brown’s departure.  Part two of The New Edition Story shows how Brown’s ego led to numerous problems.  He argued with his bandmates and the group’s manager, Brooke Payne.

More that 4 million people watched the BET mini-series.  We’re learning information we didn’t know about New Edition and loving every second of it!  The group voted Bobby out and his career took off.  There has been confusion regarding why Brown was kicked out the group and the series is providing answers.

New Edition Fight On Stage 1985
New Edition Fight On Stage 1985

In the video below, the group is performing “Cool It Now” and each member is wearing a gold suit.  Michael Bivins is showing off his beautiful voice when Bobby Brown runs on stage and snatches Michael’s microphone.

Bivins snatches his microphone back from Bobby and then tackles him.  The entire group starts fighting and then we see them on their tour bus.

The group’s manager, Gary Evans, played by Michael Rapaport, advises them to decide if Brown will stay in New Edition, or not.

Evans tells them that Bobby is bad for business.  Michael and Ralphie try to give Bobby another chance but Gary convinces them to vote Brown out.

Don’t miss part three of The New Edition Story: Thursday, January 26, 2017 on BET at 9 PM ET/PT


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