Miss Lawrence On Star

Miss Lawrence plays Miss Bruce on Fox’s new television series, Star.  On episode 2 of season 1, “The Devil You Know” we see her perform Deee-Lite’s classic song, “Groove Is In The Heart.”  Miss Bruce is a transgender woman that works in Carlotta’s salon.  Carlotta is played by Queen Latifah.  In the episode, Miss Bruce persuades Carlotta to let Star, Alex and Simone pursue their dream.

Miss Bruce knows that Carlotta wouldn’t let the girls get hurt.  After Miss Bruce calms her down, Carlotta begins helping the girls pursue their dream.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Miss Lawrence appear in a series directed by Lee Daniels.  She appeared on season 2 of Empire.  In the episode, Miss Lawrence shows off her singing skills but Jamal isn’t feeling it.  Jamal doesn’t feel comfortable with his sexuality and Miss Lawrence’s personality is too much for Jamal to handle.  As Miss Bruce on Star, Miss Lawrence is free to show her true colors.  As a result, the backlash has been interesting.

Miss Lawrence On Star
Miss Lawrence On Star

Like Empire, Star features amazing songs.  We can’t wait to hear the soundtrack.

Lee Daniels is being praised for giving talented people in the LGBT community an opportunity to shine.

On Empire, Daniels used Jamal to shed light on common issues that gay African Americans deal with on a daily basis.  Lucious refuses to accept the fact that Jamal is gay.  While it was easy to get upset with Lucious, Empire proved that many people have beliefs similar to Lucious.

Miss Lawrence On Star
Miss Lawrence On Star
Empire received numerous complaints for its gay content and we expect Star to receive similar complaints.  

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