Miss Kitty – Black Ink Crew, Kit SoVain

Kit SoVain, aka Miss Kitty, is Black Ink Crew‘s new Brand Ambassador.  In episode 3 of season 5, “Bianca” we see her get into a fight with Tiffany Perez, a new tattoo artist.  Check out the video below to see the cat fight.  Dutchess told Miss Kitty that she would have to go through a hazing process but this isn’t what she had in mind.

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Miss Kitty wants the Black Ink brand to be respected.  She’s from Washington, D.C. so she understands the importance of reputation.  When Ceaser tells her that he’s expecting DMX, Kit makes sure the shop is clean and she lays out snacks for the rapper.  She makes DMX feel comfortable and he even compliments her dress.

Miss Kitty Black Ink Crew Kit SoVain
Miss Kitty Black Ink Crew Kit SoVain

Cease witnesses Kitty’s skills and he knows the shop on 113th could use her services.

Kitty’s feeling herself when she gets to 113th so Tiffany Perez has to let her know that she’s about that life.

Tiffany warns Miss Kitty about being disrespectful but Miss Kitty doesn’t want to hear it.  Kit asks Tiffany about her title and then Young Bae interrupts.

The video below shows Tiffany and Miss Kitty’s fight:

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