Michelle Ghent – Terrence Howard Wife, Miranda Pak

Terrence Howard’s ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, dropped the assault lawsuit she filed against the Empire star.  Howard was married to Ghent from 2010 to 2013.  After they divorced, Howard married his current wife, Miranda “Mira” Pak.  In December 2011, Ghent filed for a restraining order against Howard.

In the restraining order, Ghent claimed that Howard physically abused her.  Michelle then sued Howard in 2015.  She claimed that the 47-year-old actor strangled her during a trip to Costa Rica.  Michelle says that Terrence also kicked her and threw her into a bathroom wall during the vacation.

Michelle Ghent Terrence Howard Wife Miranda Pak
Michelle Ghent Terrence Howard Wife Miranda Pak

Terrence argued that it was mutual combat.  Many jumped to the conclusion that Terrence paid his way out of this one but according to rumors, that’s not true.  Howard’s children would have been forced to testify as witnesses and Michelle didn’t want that to happen.

Art imitates reality.  Lucious Lyon knows not to put his hands on Cookie, but he doesn’t know how to treat her.  There’s no doubt that Lucious loves Cookie but they could never be together.  Some people just don’t have the right personality to be in a relationship.

Like Lucious, Terrence doesn’t have the right personality to be in a relationship.  His current wife, Miranda Pak, recently called him out for acting like Lucious at home:

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