Mendeecees – Early Release?

Mendeecees Harris’ lawyers are fighting for an early release.  He was sentenced to 8 years behind bars but his attorney is arguing that his sentence should be reduced because he transported drugs yet he never sold them.  Harris was far from a drug kingpin instead, he was a middle man.  Harris has been labeled a snitch in the past, but him and Yandy Smith denied rumors that he was telling on his crew.

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Harris is scheduled to be released on November 28, 2020.  The 38-year-old has four children.  His baby mamas, Yandy, Samantha and Erika, have been acting out since he’s been locked up.  In the last episode of Love and Hip Hop, we see one of Samantha’s friends tell Yandy that Samantha and Erika have been trying to ruin her union with Mendeecees.

Mendeecees Early Release?
Mendeecees Early Release?

The United States is becoming Hollyweed.  Marijuana laws are becoming more reasonable but Mendeecees was transporting more than marijuana.  He was caught trafficking heroin and cocaine.  Moreover, this wasn’t a one-time incident.  The feds traced the illegal activity for 7 years.  The government presented a solid case against Mendeecees therefore it will be difficult for him to have his sentence reduced.

Do the crime, do the time.  Mendeecees’ attempt to have his sentence reduced is desperate.  If he doesn’t learn to practice patience, his sentence will feel longer than it actually is.