Markeith Loyd Injuries – First Court Appearance

Markeith Loyd’s injuries were discussed during his first court appearance.  He claimed that police officers took his eye during his arrest.  The claim isn’t difficult to believe considering the fact that Loyd is allegedly responsible for the death of two police officers.  Loyd had a wound on his cheek and his nose.

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Like Santino Broderick, the gang member involved in Bobby Shmurda’s case, Loyd was very disrespectful in court.  This isn’t Markeith’s first run in with the law.  In 1995, Markeith and three other men were charged with murder.  Loyd was 21-years-old at the time and a 15-year-old witness admitted she lied about key facts.

Markeith Loyd Injuries First Court Appearance
Markeith Loyd Injuries First Court Appearance

Prosecutors were forced to drop the charges.  In 2011, Markeith was sentenced to 27 months behind bars for having homemade weapons while in federal custody.  While Orlando, Florida isn’t facing the gang violence Chicago’s experiencing, incidents like this prove that something must be done.  The state, and nation as a whole is still recovering from the 2016 club incident that took place in Orlando.

Markeith reminds us that messing with police officers isn’t a good idea.  The world is a safer place now that he’s in custody.  In the video below, Markeith blames the media for spreading lies about the incident: