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Major Galore – Bio, Age, Gwinin Entertainment

Major Galore is the first lady of Gwinin Entertainment.  Unlike Mariahlynn, Major Galore didn’t hesitate to sign with DJ Self’s new record label.  Scroll down to listen to Major Galore’s hit song, “Love Come Down.” She explains that the song is being played on Power 105.1 on a regular basis.  DJ Self broadcasts from Power 105.1 and Shade 45.

Mariahlynn hesitated to sign with DJ Self while Major Galore was excited to be a part of Gwinin Ent.  In Love and Hip Hop season 7, episode 9, “Coo Coo for Koko” DJ Self visits Major Galore at a photoshoot.  DJ Self reveals that he has a slot at Powerhouse’s Pre-Party.  Major Galore is excited but she calls DJ Self out for going to Mariahlynn’s show.

Major Galore Bio Age Gwinin Entertainment
Major Galore Bio Age Gwinin Entertainment
Major Galore was born on May 6, 1986 and is currently 30-years-old.  She doesn’t get along with Mariahlynn because Mariahlynn told a DJ not to play Major Galore’s music.  DJ Self is confused because he gave Mariahlynn an opportunity to sign with Gwinin Ent. but she refused.  Later, DJ Self and Mariahlynn meet to discuss their future.

DJ Self calls Mariahlynn out for meeting with Cisco.  Mariahlynn reveals that she already signed DJ Self’s contract and is excited to be a part of Gwinin Ent.  Mariahlynn wants to be the first lady of Gwinin and she calls Major Galore out for insulting her.  DJ Self tries to make peace but Mariahlynn and Major Galore get into a fight in the next episode of Love and Hip Hop!

Major Galore Net Worth

Major Galore is currently worth $200,000.  Now that her, DJ Self and Mariahlynn are on the same page, the talented rapper is ready to take Gwinin Ent. to the top!

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