Katie Nash – Frederick, MD, FCPS Twitter

Katie Nash is the Frederick, Maryland Public Schools social media director who was recently fired.  A student sent a tweet to the school district’s Twitter account, begging for a snow day.  The student misspelled the word “tomorrow” in the tweet.  He spelled the word “tamarow.”  Students recently complained about the lack of engagement from the county’s social media account so Nash decided to respond.

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The image below shows Nash’s response.  She corrected the student from the school district’s social media account:

Katie Nash Frederick MD FCPS Twitter
Katie Nash Frederick MD FCPS Twitter

The social media manager fired Nash.  Some argue that she should have been fired.  Confidence is a major component of education and Katie’s response could have shattered the student’s confidence.  The student’s friends most likely made fun of him after seeing the response.

Others disagree with Frederick County Public School’s decision to terminate Nash.  Laughter is a powerful weapon that should be used in the classroom.  If we take our flaws to seriously, we’ll never be able to progress.  Moreover, the student most likely knows how to spell tomorrow correctly.  He should have responded by explaining social media etiquette to Nash.
Social media is a place where slang and misspelled words are welcomed.  Frederick County Public School made the wrong decision by firing Nash and should reinstate her as soon as possible.