K. Michelle Gay Best Friend – Melisia

K. Michelle’s gay best friend, Melisia, calls her out in season 3, episode 4 of K. Michelle: My Life, “Restaurant Impossible.” K. Michelle asks Melisia if she thinks she’s gay and Melisia answers, “yes.” Melisia tries to convince the singer to be with her and she reveals that her and K. Michelle has sexual relations two days prior.

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K. Michelle looks shocked, she’s lost for words.  K. Michelle explains that she enjoys playing around sometimes but Dr. Sims knows exactly who she is.  K. Michelle tells Melisia that they were drunk but Melisia is in her feelings.  Melisia explains that she feels used and K. Michelle can’t believe it.

K. Michelle Gay Best Friend Melisia
K. Michelle Gay Best Friend Melisia

K. Michelle reminds Melisia that they are friends and Melisia loses her cool.  Melisia tells K. Michelle to stop having sex with her if she just wants to be friends.  K. Michelle is reminding the world why she’ll never be a household name.  Although she’s talented, she’s nothing like today’s iconic singers.

K. Michelle is too real to become an icon.  The most popular artists in the industry understand how to keep their personal lives personal.  K. Michelle’s fame came through reality shows therefore she does not care about people knowing her business.