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Juju And Bianca – Yandy Beef #LHHNY

The next episode of Love and Hip Hop New York will feature a beef between Juju, Bianca and Yandy.  Juliet “Juju” C. usually appears on the series with her fiancé, Cam’ron.  Multiple cast members go to her for advice on how to handle their problems.  She’s usually calm, cool and collected but we see a different side of her on the next episode of #LHHNY.

In episode 11 of season 7, “Creepin’ Back” Yandy Smith visits Juju to discuss her issues with Mendeecees baby mamas, Kimbella and Juelz Santana.  Juju wants Yandy to work things out with Kimbella because she planned a trip to Mexico.  Yandy is excited but wants to know if it will only be her and Juju.

Juju And Bianca Yandy Beef LHHNY
Juju And Bianca Yandy Beef LHHNY

Juju tells Yandy that she was planning to invite Kimbella and Snoop’s ex-girlfriend, J. Adrienne.  Yandy warns Juju about Kimbella talking about Juelz.  Yandy doesn’t feel comfortable discussing information about Juelz’s career with Kimbella.  Juju tells Yandy that she’ll talk to Kimbella.

In the previews for episode 12 we see the ladies in Mexico.  Juju, Kimbella and J. Adrienne are having a great time but then Yandy shows up with Bianca Bonnie.  Yandy never mentioned bringing Bianca to Mexico and Juju doesn’t look happy about it:

Bianca And Juju Beef
Bianca And Juju Beef

At the end of the preview we see Yandy call Juju out for having a big mouth.  Juju flips and J. Adrienne tries to calm her down.

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