Jordyn Woods Mom – News, Dad Died

Pray for Jordyn Woods, her mom and the rest of her family.  Jordyn’s dad passed away.  Scroll to the Instagram post to see the emotional messages Jordyn, her mom and Kylie Jenner posted regarding the death of Woods’ dad.  John Woods was diagnosed with cancer and two weeks later he passed away.  Earlier today, Jordyn shared the news on social media.

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Cherish every day you’re alive.  Don’t take life for granted.  The incident reminds us that Kylie Jenner and her friends are normal people who deal with life’s difficulties.  We often forget that entertainers have feelings.  The following image shows Jordyn and her mother:

Jordyn Woods Mom News Dad Died
Jordyn Woods Mom News Dad Died

Jordyn’s mother, Elizabeth Woods, is a socialite in Los Angeles.  She is a Talent and Brand Manager at Mixed Image Media and Woods Marketing Group.  We’ll be praying for her and we hope she’s receiving the support she needs following the death of her husband.

On Thursday morning, Jordyn posted the following image via Instagram:

The image above was posted by Jordyn’s mom, Elizabeth Woods.

Kylie and Jordyn share a strong bond.

Death is the last chapter in time, but the first chapter in eternity.