Jordan Hill – Carpentersville, IL, Tesfaye Cooper Facebook Chicago Torture

Jordan Hill and Tesfaye Cooper are two of the four teens charged with hate crime for torturing a mentally disabled Donald Trump supporter in Chicago.  Jordan is from Carpentersville, IL, a town in the Chicago metropolitan area.  Tesfaye is from Chicago.  The attack was recorded by Brittany Covington and live streamed on Facebook.

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Brittany’s sister, Tanisha Covington, was also involved in the kidnapping.  Brittany’s 30-minute Facebook Live video shows the teens tie the mentally disabled man up and scream insults about white people and Donald Trump.  People around the nation used social media to express their anger.

Jordan Hill Carpentersville IL Tesfaye Cooper Facebook Chicago Torture
Jordan Hill Carpentersville IL Tesfaye Cooper Facebook Chicago Torture

A picture of the victim, Austin Hilburn is shown in the following tweet:

Some responses to the incident don’t make sense:

The tweet below explains that there would be riots if the four teens were white.  I think black people would stand alongside whites if they decided to riot in response to the incident.  I have seen white people in Black Lives Matter riots.  The incident was horrific, making it difficult not to express anger towards the four teens.

The tweet below mentions President Barack Obama.  I would love to hear the president’s response to the incident.  There’s no doubt that the president is ashamed of the four Chicago teens.

The wrong reaction to the incident is, “Why would she live stream the video on Facebook?” The correct response to the kidnapping is, “How could the four teens be so evil?”

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