Jaenone Eblock – Brittany Herring Boyfriend, BLM Kidnapping

Jaenone Eblock is Brittany Herring’s boyfriend.  Jaenone and Brittany are two of the four criminals involved in the BLM Kidnapping.  Jaenone and Brittany made their relationship official on Facebook on January 14, 2016.  The four teens beat and tortured a mentally challenged man because of his support for Donald Trump.

According to his Facebook page, Jaenone is a fan of the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks and the Dallas Cowboys.  The four criminals tied the man up and tortured him.  They yelled at him while smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol.  Many want the four teens to spend the rest of their lives in jail.

Jaenone Eblock Brittany Herring Boyfriend BLM Kidnapping
Jaenone Eblock Brittany Herring Boyfriend BLM Kidnapping

Jaenone’s Facebook page reveals that he’s a fan of rapper, Gucci Mane and fellow Chicago-native, Lil Durk.

While actual Black Lives Matter incidents typically create interesting debate topics, the Chicago kidnapping is one-sided.  There’s no way to justify the actions of the four criminals involved.

It’s sad that the incident has been attached to the Black Lives Matter movement.

I think reasonable people fully understand that the Black Lives Matter movement was not actually involved.

Considering the public’s reaction to the incident, the four teens will face severe punishment for their actions.

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