Is Ronda Rousey Dead? – News

Ronda Rousey is not dead.  Her fans are panicking.  She got knocked out in less than a minute and then skipped the post-fight press conference.  The former UFC champion has not been on Twitter since December 29.  While we know the fight was most likely her last, we’re concerned about Ronda Rousey’s well-being.

When Ronda Rousey was winning, she loved the media.  Once she started losing, she claimed that the media turned on her.  In her prime, Rousey was an entertainer’s entertainer.  We loved the way she called out Floyd Mayweather.  Rousey was one of the few people who could shut Floyd up.

Is Ronda Rousey Dead?
Is Ronda Rousey Dead?

While Mayweather hasn’t commented on Rousey’s horrible performance, his good friend, Justin Bieber shared his two cents:

While Justin showed his immaturity, Kobe Bryant showed his maturity:


In the tweet above, Kobe gives Rousey a shout out for putting the UFC on the map.  Rousey was the first female to sign with the UFC.  Prior to Rousey, many believed that there was no place for women in the UFC.  Ronda ignored the haters and made history.Ronda Rousey is confident and she can be arrogant at times.  Despite her personality, there’s no denying what she has done for the sport.