Is Remy Ma Pregnant? 2017 Baby Bump? Miscarriage?


We’re very sad to report that Remy Ma suffered a miscarriage.  In Love and Hip Hop, season 7, episode 11, “Creepin’ Back” we see Remy and Papoose in the hospital.  Remy has been through numerous obstacles throughout her life and she’s beginning to think she has bad luck.  She cries and wants to know why her and Papoose’s unborn child passed away.

Remy Ma Miscarriage
Remy Ma Miscarriage

The following video shows the emotional scene:

Is Remy Ma pregnant in 2017? Does she have a baby bump or did she have a miscarriage? Remy Ma is not currently pregnant but she may have suffered a miscarriage.  She posted the following image via Instagram on January 6, 2017.  The picture shows that the rapper, whose real name is Reminisce Mackie, is not pregnant.

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At the end of Love and Hip Hop‘s “Don’t Mess With the Exes” episode, teasers of the next episode showed Remy giving her husband, Papoose a gift.  Remy and Papoose are #RelationshipGoals but they have been going through the most this season.  Papoose has made it clear that he wants Remy to have another baby.

Is Remy Ma Pregnant? 2017 Baby Bump Miscarriage
Is Remy Ma Pregnant? 2017 Baby Bump Miscarriage

Remy Ma Diet

The image above shows that Remy has been on a diet that is working very well.  The talented rapper keeps it real and throughout her career she has shared details about her weight.  She recently took part in the 40 Day Reset Diet Plan.  Check out the video below for additional information:

From 2008 to 2014, Remy was locked up so she’s making up for lost time.  Papoose gave her a pregnancy test while the two were out to eat and the teaser for the next episode shows Remy give Papoose a gift.  The gift is most likely a response to the pregnancy test.

The reality series was filmed months ago, therefore Remy’s current figure spoils the cliffhanger.  Remy loves Papoose to death but she most likely won’t have any additional children.  She is 36-years-old and she’s focusing on her career.  Her and Fat Joe recently released a video for their hit song, “Money Showers”: