Is Mariah Carey Dead? NYE 2017 Meltdown Disaster

What happened with Mariah Carey? Is she dead? No, but her career is.  The singer’s 2017 New Year’s Eve meltdown was a disaster.  The 46-year-old has always been a proud diva but when does it stop? Mariah Carey has mental health issues that she must stop ignoring.  Mariah Carey’s lip syncing and complaining was unacceptable.

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Earlier this year, Mariah Carey made a guest appearance on Empire.  The singer played Kitty, a popular recording artist who helps Jamal Lyon.  Someone needs to help Mariah.  This isn’t her first meltdown in Times Square.  In 2001, the singer had a meltdown on TRL.

Is Mariah Carey Dead? NYE 2017 Meltdown Disaster
Is Mariah Carey Dead? NYE 2017 Meltdown Disaster

The video below is proof that Carey needs professional help:

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Carey is worth $500 million.  She has seen and done it all therefore she needs to stop working so hard.  Carey should retire and focus on raising her kids.

Unlike Ronda Rousey, Mariah hasn’t disappeared.  Here’s her explanation:

Mariah’s reaction is proof that we must stop spoiling celebrities.  Fans travel from around the world to support the singer and this is how she thanks them.

The hilarious tweet above explains that Ohio State didn’t have the worst performance of New Year’s Eve.  They were blown out by Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl but that wasn’t as bad as Mariah’s NYE performance.