Is Jennifer Holliday Transgender?

Jennifer Holliday is not transgender.  The Broadway star recently backed out as a performed at Donald Trump’s inauguration concert.  The 56-year-old singer apologized to the LGBT community leading many to believe that she is a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.  Holliday is none of the above and has been married twice.

Holliday and her first husband, Billy Meadows, got married in 1991.  Meadows is a singer, keyboardist and songwriter she met in a nightclub.  Meadows was 34-years-old when they met while Holliday was 31.  They got married two months after they met and divorced nine months later.

Is Jennifer Holliday Transgender?
Is Jennifer Holliday Transgender?

Like Holliday’s initial decision to perform at Trump’s inauguration concert, she doesn’t always think things through.

After thinking about her decision, she pulled out, explaining that she was unaware that her performance would be interpreted as a show of support for the President-elect.

The United States of America has never been more vulnerable.  Our nation is divided.  We will not be able to make positive accomplishments if we remain divided.

If there’s one message most Americans believe it’s “United we stand, divided we fall.”  Donald Trump has quickly become the most hated president of all-time.

What do you think will happen to America under Trump’s lead?