Is Faith Evans Pregnant? – Leave It To Stevie

Is Faith Evans pregnant? No, the rumors about Faith being pregnant are false.  Faith’s new relationship with Stevie J led to the rumors.  Evans is currently 43-years-old and most likely won’t have anymore children.  She has four children.  The Notorious B.I.G. is the father of her oldest son, Christopher Wallace Jr.

Faith is helping Stevie change his life.  In episode 4 of Leave It To Stevie, “Got To Have Faith” we see Stevie conducting research to launch his own supplement brand.  Stevie, Yung Joc and Lil Scrappy go to a convention where Stevie meets legendary bodybuilder, Lee Haney.  Stevie wouldn’t be worried about his health if he was still with Joseline Hernandez.

Is Faith Evans Pregnant? Leave It To Stevie
Is Faith Evans Pregnant? Leave It To Stevie

It’s great to see Stevie and Lil Scrappy getting along.  Who can forget their 2012 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fight!?

It has been difficult to separate the real and fake aspects of Stevie’s life since he’s been working with VH1.  Many believe that his relationship with Faith is a publicity stunt.

Stevie’s relationship with Faith could be fake but his life has definitely changed since he started spending time with her.  Faith has helped Stevie focus on what he’s good at: Music.  In the last episode of Leave It To Stevie, we see Stevie visit Tommie Lee.  She reveals that she’s working on new music and Stevie tells her that he’s willing to help.

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