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How Many Kids Does 50 Cent Have?

How many kids does 50 Cent have? The rapper has two biological children, his sons Sire and Marquise Jackson.  Rumors that the rapper had a third “secret son” named Davian are false.  The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is making headlines.  Soulja Boy’s mother is in the hospital so he apologized about his recent actions.

Then, 50 Cent posted a video on Instagram, persuading Soulja Boy to fight Chris Brown.  50 got Floyd Mayweather to promote the fight and it’s looking like we’ll soon see a Soulja Boy v. Chris Brown boxing match.

How Many Kids Does 50 Cent Have? Son, Marquis Jackson
How Many Kids Does 50 Cent Have? Son, Marquis Jackson


Marquise Jackson

The image above shows 50 Cent’s oldest son, Marquise Jackson.  He was born on October 13, 1997 and is currently 19-years-old.  50 Cent’s first baby mama is Shaniqua Tompkins.  The rapper has been called out several times for being an absentee father.  Marquise is one reason why 50 worked hard to become a successful rapper.  50 explains that fatherhood changed his life.

Sire Jackson

Sire Jackson is 50’s youngest son.  He was born on September 1, 2012 and is currently 4-years-old.  Sire’s mother, Daphne Joy, is a bikini model.  Last year, she broke up with her boyfriend, singer, Jason Derulo.
50 Cent Son Sire Jackson
50 Cent Son Sire Jackson
50 has been in Sire’s life.  The rapper recently used Instagram to share the image above.

“Secret Son” Davian

Davian is one of 50 Cent’s biggest fans.  The rapper explains that Davian was crying when he met 50 so he took him under his wing.

50 Cent "Secret Son" Davian
50 Cent “Secret Son” Davian

While his relationship with Davian is great, 50 should try to establish a better relationship with Marquise.  Better late than never.


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