Gorgeous Gangsta Record Label – Snoop

Snoop’s Gorgeous Gangsta record label is receiving major publicity on season 7 of Love and Hip Hop.  In episode 9, “Coo Coo for Koko” we see Snoop’s artist, Sofi Green, in the studio working on her song, “That’s Why You Hate.” Sofi also delivers her new track, “98 Mase.” We’re glad J. Adrienne put her emotions aside so Snoop was able to sign Sofi.

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Snoop is enjoying Sofi’s song with rapper Vado, at Premier Studios.  Snoop explains that Vado is one of the artist that has supported her music venture.  Vado tells Sofi that she sounds good and Sofi asks him if he’ll be coming to the showcase.  Vado says that he’ll be there.  Snoop tells Sofi to be ready because the showcase is Gorgeous Gangsta’s introduction to the world.

Gorgeous Gangsta Record Label Snoop
Gorgeous Gangsta Record Label Snoop

Sofi leaves and Snoop gives Vado an update on Gorgeous Gangsta.  She explains that her ex-girlfriend, J. Adrienne has been working hard.  Vado warns Snoop to make sure J. Adrienne knows her position.

Snoop reveals that her and J. Adrienne broke up because of J. Adrienne’s jealousy issues.  Later, we see Yandy, Bianca and Vado at Snoop’s launch party.

Rapper, Method Man, also shows up to check out Snoop’s launch party.  Snoop and Method Man appeared in The Wire together.

Shawnee, Snoop’s artist from Baltimore, performs first and the crowd loves her.  Ike, another Baltimore artist, performs second and the crowd loves him as well.  Sofi Green ends the night with an unforgettable performance.
J. Adrienne has one too many drinks and her and Snoop end up arguing.  It doesn’t look like they’ll be able to work together.
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