Geliesha Smith Facebook – Backpage, NYC Correction Employee

Geliesha Smith is the New York City correction employee who got busted for moonlighting on Backpage.  Smith made $75,000 a year but that wasn’t enough.  Smith worked as an escort and promoted her services on Backpage’s adult section.  Like Craigslist, Backpage is a classified advertising website.

Backpage decided to shut down the section after years of intense scrutiny.  There were numerous accusations involving illegal prostitution and human trafficking.  The sad part is that people like Geliesha aka Lisa, find alternatives when websites like Backpage are shut down.

Geliesha Smith Facebook Backpage NYC Correction Employee
Geliesha Smith Facebook Backpage NYC Correction Employee

Geliesha got caught after she offered an undercover cop sex for $120.  When you work in the legal industry, you generally understand the serious consequences of illegal activity.  That wasn’t the case for Geliesha.  She was working out of a Days Inn in Sunset Park.

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We’re glad Backpage’s adult section no longer exists.  There are still many dark corners of the Internet that must be exposed.  The government is working hard to make the web a safer place and they’re making progress.  It’s difficult to argue for more privacy when the most trusted members of our society are prostituting over the Internet.
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By Jason John

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