Flau’jae, Camoflauge The Rapper – Daughter, Rap Game

Flau’jae is a contestant on season 3 of The Rap Game.  She is the daughter of Jason “Camouflage” Johnson.  Camouflage was a rapper from Savannah, Georgia who was murdered in 2003.  He was 21-years-old when his life was taken.  Flau’jae’s mother and manager, Kia Jones, was 4-months pregnant with Flau’jae when Camouflage was murdered.

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Like King Roscoe, Flau’jae uses her father’s death as inspiration.  Flau’jae’s mother explains that she’s not new to the game.  Flau’jae is only 12-years-old but she has already toured with Mindless Behavior and The OMG Girlz.  The talented rapper has done over 200 performances.

Flau'jae Camoflauge The Rapper Daughter Rap Game
Flau’jae Camoflauge The Rapper Daughter Rap Game

Jermaine Dupri knows how to find talent.  Dupri’s father, Michael Mauldin, played a major role in his life.  Mauldin is currently a Columbia Records executive.  When Jermaine was younger, his father put together a Diana Ross show and Jermaine somehow managed to get on stage, where danced with Ross.  Dupri hasn’t looked back since then.

Unlike Jermaine, Flau’jae and King Roscoe didn’t have their fathers growing up:

Flau’jae is the youngest contestant on the show.  Her father was signed to Universal Music Group.  On The Rap Game, Kia explains that he had relationships with numerous rappers, including T.I. and Ludacris.

Check out Camoflauge’s 2001 track, “Cut Friends” featuring Brayboy:

Like her father, Flau’jae is a lyrical genius.  She shows off her rapping skills in the video below: