Ekko From The Rap Game – Nova’s Uncle, Manager

Ekko is Nova’s uncle and manager on The Rap Game.  In episode 3 of season 3, “We Have A Dream” we Ekko get called out for writing Nova’s raps.  Jermaine Dupri clears up the confusion by explaining that he doesn’t care if the kids write their own lyrics.  This gives Nova and Ekko a serious advantage.  Ekko has years of experience and a mind full of hot lyrics.

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Jermaine Dupri explains that the best rapper alive uses a ghost writer.  Dupri didn’t reveal who is was referring to as the best rapper alive but he was most likely talking about Drake.  Meek Mill called him out about using a ghost writer, leading to Drake’s unforgettable response, “Back To Back.” Nova mentioned the track after earning the number 1 spot on the Hit List for the second week in a row.

Ekko From The Rap Game Nova's Uncle, Manager
Ekko From The Rap Game Nova’s Uncle, Manager

Ekko aka Young Ancient was born Eric Vega.  He is a talented rapper from Reading, PA with a unique style and creative bars.

Check out Ekko’s 2012 track “Lullaby”:

In the last episode of The Rap Game, Ekko explains that he’s from the hood.  His tough upbringing enables him to think of fascinating theories and deliver each one with style and grace.

The tweet above reveals that Ekko’s nephew has The Rap Game on lock.  

Jermaine Dupri should sign Nova and Ekko to So So Def Records.  Make it a package deal because Ekko has skills.

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